Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Feedback... arg!

I love feedback. Giving feedback makes me feel good. Some would say what I call feedback is actually me being an opinionated so-and-so, but I think that feedback to businesses lets people who genuinely want to improve their products get some honest advice and do something. How can anyone improve their service delivery if everyone that's disgruntled (or delighted) simply grits their teeth and moves on? That sounds like a very British holdover in our culture. People need thicker skin, in my opinion, so they can take frank comment without taking personal offence. Me, I'm a Rhino. My life has simplified greatly since I ceased to care what certain people think.

That's why when Apple Nextbyte announced they were closing their Penrith store, I wrote and complained (dangling a $40,000 order in front of them also helps). Apple have had a store in Penrith for nearly 20 years. We'll see how that one pans out.

And Apple themselves? After the fanfare of the announcement of the release of system 10.4 (and the wholesale redesign of their website to accommodate it), you'd think that the Apple "Feedback" page would have at least included an update to let people give feedback about system 10.4. Nup. According to their bug report/suggestion page, system 10.4 does not exist.

This is a shame, since I've found a bug, and it's really annoying. I use the Wikipedia widget. When I hide the dashboard, pop-up mouseover image labels from the wikipedia entry I had brought up continue to appear when the cursor moves over those areas of the screen. There must be some leakage from the Dashboard layer into the "main" screen, even when the dashboard is not in the foreground.

Small thing, but I'm in a ranty mood today. If people never say anything then they have no right to complain when something goes pear shaped.

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Anonymous said...

Well it's still a good widget.....

You've got nothing to worry about! When I open multiple tabs in Safari (or multiple multiple tabs in Omniweb) my powerbook (G4 with 1Gb RAM) crashes. This is a new experience for me on the Mac!