Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Vodafone sucks

I rarely give flight to a fully fledged rant on this blog, but today I'm going to make an exception. Vodafone? You suck. I'm flying to New York and Canada next month (and yes, I'll blog the trip) and I wanted to use my new iPhone to access the Internet in the Big Apple. The cost?

That's right. 1c per kilobyte. $10 per megabyte. I subscribe to a data bundle here in Oz. $30 for 500Mb over a month. If I downloaded the same amount in the U.S on Vodafone's roaming plan it would cost me $5000.

$5000 instead of $30. And in the U.S, where I would be roaming with AT&T, they offer data bundles for smartphones and PDAs at the rate of $35 for unlimited data.

Which I would buy, if Vodafone had not locked my iPhone to their network.

Idiots. Unmitigated wanking idiots.


SeanieO said...


I feel for you..

I'm having my own dramas with Voda. Firstly, they basically lost my iphone when delivering it to me (to the wrong address btw) meaning I spent a whole morning going from Post office to post office to find the thing. (Time spent on phone to Vodafone - approx 2 hours)

Then I get my first bill - $2,200!! I called them up immediately and I finally got through to someone in india they told me that the bill was wrong and I didn't need to pay for it. In fact someone was going to call me and sort it all out.

Anyway, last Friday Vodafone decided to withdraw the funds from my account anyway! Thanks guys...

I couldn't do anything about it till Monday of course as the billing dept isn't open on the weekend.

Called on Monday to explain the situation. Had to fax in a copy of my bank statement. (time on phone - 1.5 hours)

Got a text message today to say that they discovered a charge that had been 'doubled' on my bill and I would recieve a credit on my next bill!!

Called again today - explained the story to three more people. (time on phone 40 mins)

Finally a call from someone today to ask if I could get a stamped and printed statement from my bank!! Are they kidding me?? They took money out of my account that they had already admitted was incorrect now want me to take time off work to go to a brand and have a stamped statement sent to them to prove the money came out of my account!

I've lost all respect for Vodafone...they're not a cool brand at all. They're incompetent fools with shit systems and pricing.

*Rant ends*

Anonymous said...

Well I am with their phone network and it really does suck, first of they had this offer on, talk for 60 mins pay for just 3, so I thought ok il do that, so I subscribed to there voice service, then about an hour later decided to phone my friend, I had just topped up £20 a day earlier, so I talked to my friend fro about 42 minutes, for a 3 minute charge should be about £1 I think there rate is 20p/min or something, anyway I got of the phone checked my balance to find i only had a fiver left :|, there was another service I took on was their free weekend texts /voice, only they say if you spend £2.50 or more then you will qualify for it, so I spend £3.00 they say I qualify for free texts only, I need to spend another £1.50 for the free calls, but its only 1 hour of free call on a weekend,

Just recently I spent £4.50 during the week yet I still havnt qualified for free calls, I had to spend another 10p by 00:00, ofcourse it doesnt role on to the week after if I dont get the free calls this week, il have to spend even more just to get it. It would seem cheaper to just get a contract, but I dont want to be tied down :(

David Morris said...

After recently returning from a couple of years abroad I picked up a vodaphone prepaid mobile. I recently purchased their $79 maxi cap which is supposed to give me something like 700 minutes. To my horror this was completely used up on the first phone call in seven minutes. I phoned vodaphone to complain and get them to refund the $79 worth of credit and have it put back on the phone. They agreed and put the credit on my phone only for me to find out they had deducted the charge from my preauthorised credit card without my approval nor my knowledge. I have since kicked up such a stink and threatened them with the telecomminucations ombudsman when that failed to produce results. I advised them that all future correspondence should go through my lawyer as he has been instructed to recover both my costs and compensation for my several hours time wasted on the phone with them trying to sort them out. I have since been given a $149 credit and a promise of them topping up with a further $149 credit when that had expired.
Lesson definitely learnt here ..... dont EVER trust a phone company with credit card or bank account deails!!!!