Friday, November 13, 2009

Ruminations - The Podcast of Nathan Zamprogo

Hey there. I've been doing this blog thing for five years now. I've covered a lot of territory, and it's been fun. In the meantime, I've been fortunate to have heard some wonderful podcasters out there. I'd like to single out Patrick McLean's The Seanachai, Wil Wheaton's various offerings , and even anything by our venerable Aunty. This is the future.

Self, I said to myself, you could do that too. Hmmm. Maybe. This may not work. No one may be interested. I may have a rotten feel for the spoken word. Fine. This is an experiment, and, as Henry Ford said, failure merely presents us an opportunity to start over more intelligently.

So let's dabble. Any of my posts that carry the banner you see above are also available as a podcast. Sometimes I'll do a written piece and an audio version, sometimes only one. Hey, it's my sandpit.

Here's the separate website where you can see the list of episodes.

Here's the iTunes URL to subscribe it to your podcast lists, and

Here's the more generic RSS feed URL if you use a feed manager other than iTunes.

Thanks. I'm excited! Don't forget to leave some feedback. Poor Nathan thrives on the occasional kind word.

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Ngurah Satriya said...

five years isn't a short time for things like blog. i appreciate that much. my self just did it now for three years but it seems inconsistent, hehe.

here is if you like to visit my blog, thank you very much.