Monday, April 11, 2005

It's nice to be affirmed

From the Wycliffe Christian School Yearbook

This is nice. Each year our School (my workplace)
publishes a "year in review" book. This year, I rated a
profile. I felt encouraged and uplifted.

And no, Justin, this post isn't meant to rub anything in, but lighten up, man! Life is beautiful,
even if parts of it suck. I, too could lose sleep over rogue subatomic particles swallowing the entire universe or the fact my office is like a broom closet only with less ventilation, but hey, if I don't like my life, no one else will either.

- Nathan Zamprogno

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Justin Warner said...

I say "Congratulations" to your inclusion. However, I'm not so enraptured about mine in this post. Life is beautiful, but so is the wall of quickly approaching superheated atmosphere following an atomic explosion. Those who have seen it up close aren't praising it's beauty you'll notice, as they tend to die in a rather spectacular and astonishingly violent way. My point? I don't really have one. I just thought being mentioned in your blog warranted some Justin-class stupidity. Ha ha ha... narf!