Monday, May 02, 2005

A lazy Compass fails to circumscribe Family First

Regular visitors to this blog will be aware of my views on the interface between Church and State. Personal friends will sympathise with my plight because of my abilty to complicate my life by choosing to air those views publicly.

Since my interest is in the debate about Church/State separation, I should take pains to point out that the Family First party is by no means my special or implicit target.

I just thought I'd throw up this temporary post about the "documentary" (or "advertorial" as I'd choose to express it) that screened tonight on the ABC's Compass program about Family First (transcript not yet available at that link but probably soon) by way of foreshadowing a more detailed treatment over the coming days.

Any stakeholders out there with an interest in what I might choose to say should call me now (and yes, I know you're reading this). The mistake I made previously was in putting opinions in the public domain without giving the protagonists I was critical of the chance of discussing it with me first.

There will be more to say on this, that much is sure.


Justin Warner said...
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Justin Warner said...

Woohoo! I'm already prickily with the goosebumps of anticipation! I always enjoy a good critical analysis of pretty much anything, and this is something I myself have had my concerns about.

I also was a bit surprised by the positivity of the comments made by "impartial observers" in the Compass program. It appeared an effort had been made to make the program seem like a fair and well-rounded treatment of the issue, but the oppinions expressed don't really seem to reflect the camps those people were supposedly representing (eg: the reporter from the Sun Herald - supposed to represent the POV of the media, but seemed like he had a far too "well rounded" perspective). Basically, everyone interviewed seemed to be aligned with the cause of the party in one form or another, which doesn't make for a very unbiased viewpoint.

Also just of note - The NSW FF candidates did not rate a mention AT ALL in the Compass program. Did anyone else notice this???

Anonymous said...

Sure did Justin, sure did. No mention of it on the FF website either.