Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Evolution of Creationism - my upcoming radio piece

This coming Friday (2nd December 2005) I have been invited onto the ABC Radio National program "Perspectives" to deliver an essay on "The Evolution of Creationism".

Perspectives is a short segment appearing each weekday evening at 5:54pm, just before the news (or later, depending on where you are, check the website for air times). Various people, usually eminent in their field expound on every subject imaginable. I feel overwhelmed and privileged to be in their company.

The Perspectives program goes out Nationally and then Internationally via Radio Australia, plus whoever comes in over the Internet or reads the transcript on the ABC site. Listener figures in Australia approach six figures, and overseas even the ABC don't know.

Radio National is AM 576 in Sydney (here for other areas), or alternatively listen to the permanent streaming broadcast.

I will follow this post with a full transcript, additional commentary and audio shortly after the piece airs on the radio on Friday. Please feel free to check back here then.

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Anonymous said...

Love what you've done with the place.

I'll be driving on Friday afternoon so I'll be sure to be tuned in to Radio National!