Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Australian Census

Tonight is Australian Census night, and I felt moved to post this comment as I fill out the Census form for my family.

Recently I got a letter from my Church denomination, requesting that under "religion" I remember to put the particular designation for our denomination.

I got to thinking: My religion is not my denomination. Indeed I may be a member of a particular denomination, and I may even subscribe to its doctrine, but that is not what the Census form is asking me and my family.

Now cautious, I re-read the Census question closely: "What is the person's religion".

I answered "Christian", and believe that to be not only the simplest but also the only conscionable answer. I belong to Him before I belong to anything else.

1 comment:

ADHD Librarian said...

I am appalled,
it is as if you put Jedi without specifying light or dark side of the force!
How can we cry that we are part of a minority in our own country if we don’t divide ourselves into a thousand niche denominations. By God, if we’re not careful we won’t be able to scaremonger about Muslims outnumbering us!
I’d go on, but as a member of a different sub genus of Christianity I’m probably not supposed to be talking to you.