Thursday, April 05, 2007

This Made My Year And It's Only April

At the suggestion of me-ol-matey John, the ADHD Librarian (I was about to use the term "spoon-friend" but there are those out there who just wouldn't get that), I went to the MyHeritage site to waste a few minutes on the entertaining distraction of uploading a photo of myself and seeing which celebrity the computer thought I looked like.
Well, am I well-pleased...

I am my childhood hero Carl Sagan, and my son is, as those who know him well can attest, a walking wardrobe malfunction.
Now that's artificial intelligence research at work.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nathan...Phil Baker here....enjoy your blog esp the science stuff...just one correction, I am not and have never been an aog pastor...Riverview is independent but of course networked acrooss the country with good friends from many streams...including of course the aog....anyway keep up the writing...cheers, phil.